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Carrie's Published Works

As I begin my career as an author, I long to have many aspects of my words sprinkled across the world.  I have been invited and published in collaborative books and in a beautiful online magazine.  You can also, soon, find my poetry book, Soul Confetti: Celebrating Life's Lesson, online and in local bookstores.

#2020 Vision: 

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Unbound Perspectives from a Year Like No Other

A Collaborative book with the Unbound Press, that brought many perspectives of the year 2020.  You can find Carrie's poem, "An Angel's Prayer," in the closing of the book. 

"One thing that's for sure is that we cannot NOT have been changed by the events of 2020," says Nicola. "Most of us likely connected with new or forgotten aspects of ourselves or adapted to change we could never have imagined. What better way to capture that moment in time than by way of this incredible collection of real-life stories!"

The Art of Connection :

365 Days of Inspirational Quotes by Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Influencers 

Carrie has four entries in The Art of Connection, giving quotes, advice and thoughtful insight in a day by day collaborative book. Within this book, you will also find the wisdom and inspiration of a variety of global entrepreneurs.  When you connect with your favorites you will return to them time and again.

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Soul Confetti:

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Celebrating Life's Lessons

This is Carrie's first published collection of poetry, spanning four decades of life and all that ebbs and flows within. Poetry has been such a powerful healer in Carrie's life.  Through her words, she found comfort, release, and truth spoke directly from her soul. 

This publication, by Dorrance Publishing, will be available for purchase soon.

Fierce Truths 

Spiritual Magazine, Issue 15

Read Carrie's article, WHEN DECLUTTERING LEADS TO DECHAOSING, in Issue #15.  She is an ambassador for this courageous and spiritual magazine. "A premium-quality magazine for souls seeking deeper spiritual wisdom, conscious conversations and expansive self-growth opportunities." 

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Elephant Journal 

Carrie has submitted several pieces to the Elephant Journal.  Poetry, Program explanations, and deep thoughts, riddle the pages of, not only Carrie's words, but many profound thinkers.