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An Angel's Prayer

With tattered wings And tarnished halo She sits crossed legged Atop of a rocky ledge She drops her head into her hands She weeps Weeps for the heartache Weeps for the pain Weeps for the loss Allowing it to all to flow through her And down her face The tears ebbed over the rocks Down into the ravine Forming a puddle, A pond Then a lake of tears How many souls has she tried to comfort How much agony she has absorbed Hearts she sought to comfort She has lost count The world is overwhelmed with hopelessness, anger and pain Her tribe of angels are exhausted, battered and bruised Fighting the resistance of hope, peace and love She longs for those days She will feel clean, refreshed, healed and energized Leaving the sadness, anguish, sorrow and scars behind

As she held the last soul gently, lovingly in her tired arms She felt a chill from their very being She noticed her feathers falling to the earth As her heart sank broken, shattered Her body quaked Tighter, she held this soul Hoping to squeeze the pieces back together But the resistance prevailed Tears cascading from her eyes now~ Growing the lake at the bottom of the ravine Her mind racing to unearth any remaining hope Left in this world It has to be here Somewhere in the souls of those who remain Her last tear fell, as human pain was released from her grip She wiped her face with her threadbare gown Looking bleary at the horizon, once again Then down at her earthen feet Her head dropped in prayer Her knees fell to the rocks Her pleas echoed in the darkness She clinched her hands tighter She spoke the words of love and hope from her crippled heart She willed hope, peace, love, joy and tenderness To engulf this weary world She squeezed her eyes so tight that, even they resisted But released one last tear to fall Her hands clasped her chest Her knees cringed from the shards of broken dreams that littered her perch

Shivering and fearful of the overwhelming darkness She slowly opened her eyes Then, there it was That tiny shimmer emerging from the peak of a distant mountain She blinked furiously She sensed a shift She felt the resonation from the other angels’ prayers Hope, Light, Unity, Peace Was tiny and still very fragile But it was there She heard the chatters as the angels began to gather The sounds of cherished resilient spirits The darkness will begin to lift The hearts will be begin to open to hope, change and love Her heart pounded with elation Suddenly, she noticed her wings began to bloom and straighten Her gown rinsed clean Her feet no longer muddy Her hands no longer bruised Although the chill still engulfed her She could begin to feel the warmth The sun emerging through the clouds, storms and darkness Her prayers and those of her Angel Tribe Have been heard, held and answered The Human Spirit will once again begin to shine.

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