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Your Becoming

Your Becoming

It’s there in front of you

That dark forest

The overgrowth

The underbrush

The weeds

The thick pines and oaks

Twisted and snarling your path

You feel the warmth of the other side

It’s flickering in your soul

Guiding you through the woods

Like a warm hand you hold

It is one step at a time

One cleansing breath

One bit of letting go

The one limb is cleared

The roots of that weed releases from the dirt

A gentle refreshing breeze caresses your skin

The path slowly, intentionally and methodically emerges

The grace of the other side is becoming less murky

As you venture deeper into the woods

Letting go of the bread crumbs that led you back to the safety of the known

With faithful hands, you push back the fallen leaves and twisted limbs

Leaving them behind to hide that path to past trials and trails

It feels like walking through mud

As the journey grows longer

Then you hear the gentle trickle of the stream

Where you wash your hands, face and feet

Refreshing your vision

Setting your gaze

Stepping across the clear, cleansing water,

You see the glint of the sun

You are getting closer

Your heart pounds with anticipation

You know you still have many miles to go, many trees to clear on this journey

But each step brings you closer to strength, hope, love, happiness

Knowing that the only thing making this journey with you are

The lessons

The strength

The wisdom

And the truth

That is authentically and only you

Continuing to stub your toes and trip on roots, you trudge on

But each step gets lighter

And the light gets brighter

You are almost there

You can almost feel the glow from your heart

From your soul

This is

Your becoming

Your knowing

Your souls desire

Breathe it in

With eyes closed and heart open

Embody this journey

This path

Let that light lead you to be whole

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